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I'm New Here

If you are a new guest to this website, new to MPC, new to the local area, or new to what it means to believe and follow Jesus, then we want to welcome you.


We are aware this can be quite scary or intimidating. You might be thinking that MPC isn't really the place for you for many reasons: your background, baggage or beliefs.


The only way for you to really find out is by coming along to our Sunday gatherings. This is a time when our church family come together to worship God through singing, prayer, and the teaching of God's Word, the Bible. Every week, the person who leads from the front offers this welcome, which describes the posture of our church:


To all who are weary and need rest

To all who mourn and long for comfort

To all who feel worthless and wonder if God cares

To all who fail and desire strength

To all who hunger and thirst for righteousness


And to whoever will come

This church opens wide her doors with a welcome from Jesus Christ, the mighty Friend of sinners.

Here are some common questions:

What can I expect when I arrive?

What should I wear?

How long will it last?

Can I bring my children?

You'll be greeted at the door by one of our church family. There are people who can show you to a seat and answer any questions you might have. When our worship time begins, please feel free to engage with our service by taking everything in - there is nothing expected from you and no one will ask you do anything during the worship gathering. There will be singing, prayers, a Bible reading, a message for the children and a sermon (a message from the Bible passage). When the service is over there is lots more chatting, so please don't rush away.

We do not have a dress code, as we are a very relaxed church family. Simply wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Most people will be wearing casual clothes: t-shirts, shirts etc. Some people wear a suit or jacket and tie. Just be yourself. Our church has aisles, not a catwalk!

Generally, our service lasts between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes. When we have special services, like The Lord's Supper, Harvest Thanksgivings, Advent & Christmas Celebration, they can be slightly longer for the occasion.

Of course! MPC is family orientated. Children of all ages are welcome throughout our service. We do offer a staffed creche on arrival, so you can leave your infant with our friendly volunteers. You are very welcome to stay with them for as long as they need.


During our worship gathering, children who are primary school aged are invited to the front to hear a message pitched at their level and sing a song. After that, it looks like there is a stampede when the children leave part-way through the service! Do not worry - as they are heading to BRJ, which provides age-appropriate teaching for the boys and girls:


Bubbles and Rainbow Club (preschool - P4) go to the church hall

JUMP (P5 - Yr8) are taken to the Lawther Hall, which is the building across the carpark.

They can then be collected from the hall complex again after the service finishes.

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