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We are incredibly thankful for the financial generosity of those within and those connected to MPC. The financial gifts we receive enable us to continue operating as a church, serving the local community, and supporting missions both locally & abroad.


When we meet together as a church family for our worship gatherings, there is an opportunity contribute to our ministry and mission by placing your financial gift in the plates. People do this by giving 'loose money' or using the four colourful envelopes for different accounts:

  • Freewill Offering (pink envelope) - this supports the day-to-day running cost for the ministry of our church family and the wider PCI commitments.

  • Missions Fund (yellow envelope) - this supports the missional interests of MPC. At the end of each year, the elders share the total of this fund to encourage gospel proclamation that takes place in different parts of the world, as well as our commitment to the United Appeal For Mission.

  • Property Fund (blue envelope) - this supports the ongoing care and maintenance of our building complex and manse.

  • Development Fund (white envelope) - this account is used for significant redevelopment of our building complex within our community. This fund was established when our church family decided to rebuild our worship space. We endeavour to communicate any major plans among our members and this account is available for those who wish to financially support any major developments.

The benefit of these envelopes is that giving can be anonymous, as each person is assigned a number which is printed on each envelope, and this is a way for you to keep track on your giving and help us to direct your gifts properly.


If you would like to receive envelopes and have an assigned number, please contact our treasurer Denise McNeilly, and she would be more than happy to help:

However, if you would like to give directly via Standing Order, we could send you the Muckamore Presbyterian Church account details for one or all of our funds.

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