Pulse is a vibrant community of young people who come together on a weekly basis to discover more about God and how He fits into their lives. Made up of teenagers from a wide variety of schools, areas and backgrounds, Pulse aims to help each of them build meaningful friendships, find belonging within the group and discover positive role models.

Sunday nights at Pulse are packed full of games, videos, interviews, challenges, group work and food. We love threading our theme throughout the whole night in a magazine style format, leading to us opening the bible in a creative and relevant way.

A key value of Pulse is participation. Rather than speaking at young people, we seek to listen to their perspectives and discover more about their view of God. As they present concepts, themes and passages to the wider group, we as leaders are often challenged and inspired by the members of our youth community.

Of course social nights out, visits to larger youth events in our area, inviting special guests to join with us and our annual Pulse weekend all add to the fabric of this group.

If you want to find out more about Pulse and how you can get involved, please contact us: