We currently publish all of our weekly Sunday services on CD.  So if you can’t make it to a Sunday service, or you want to listen to the service again, then request a copy of the CD.

You can also access some of the most recent services by clicking the links below

Sunday Worship – 23rd January 2022 (Rev J Woodside)
Sunday Worship – 16th January 2022 (Rev J Dixon)
Sunday Worship – 9th January 2022 (Rev S Lockington)
Sunday Worship – 2nd January 2022 (Rev I McNie)
Sunday Worship – Boxing Day
Christmas Day Service – Hayley Cullen
Carol Service – 19th December 2021
Sunday Worship – 19th December 2021 (Rev J Bell)
Sunday Worship – 12th December 2021 (Rev I McNie)
Sunday Worship – 5th December 2021 (Rev G Moore)

If you need any more information about the weekly recordings then please speak to a member of the sound team: