Europe in Focus

‘EUROPE IN FOCUS’ A special evening focusing on some of the mission work of PCI’s personnel and partners in Spain, Portugal and Hungary on Friday

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Big Brekkie 2018

Muckamore is hosting another Big Brekkie in 2018 to celebrate and support Christian Aid Week. The event will be held in the Lawther School, 2 June, from

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Jacqueline McNeilly

I live in Antrim and work for the Health Service in an administrative role.

I have been actively involved in Muckamore Church most of my life. My parents moved to the area when I was a small child and sent me along to Sunday School, Girls’ Brigade and Youth Fellowship leading me to become a Christian.

I am currently involved in the Boys’ Brigade as a Leader in charge of the Anchor Boys. This is the youngest section of the Boys’ Brigade and it’s a role which I really enjoy and consider it a great privilege to be a part of these young boys’ lives. I am also a member of the church choir and part of a Network group.

Being part of the Muckamore church family means a great deal to me. I have been taught through my early years by some wonderful Sunday School Teachers, GB Officers and Youth Fellowship leaders. My church family have supported, encouraged and developed me in my faith.

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