During the Week

There are a wide range of activities and organisations that you can get involved in throughout the week at Muckamore Presbyterian Church.  These activities range from bowling and badminton clubs, to keep fit, running and walking sessions on a Saturday morning.  There are opportunities to meet every week in people’s homes across the local community, or in the church complex, to study the bible, to pray together and to encourage and support one another in our daily lives.  There are many opportunities for young people to engage with church life – organisations such as the Boys‘ Brigade, the Girls‘ Bridge, and Pulse.

If you have a young family, there is a mothers and toddlers group that meets every Tuesday morning.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you are retired and have some free time on your hands, the Friendship club meets regularly, providing friendship and encouragement to all who come along.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Church life at Muckamore is varied and colourful.  Take some time to browse through the ‘What’s Happening’ section of the website, to learn more about what’s on in the church. 

At any time if you have questions or need more information, email info@muckamore.com