Are you too young for school yet? Are you still too young for Rainbow Club?

Well…if you’re in your pre-school year…the good news is that you’re not too young for BUBBLES!

What is Bubbles?

Bubbles is about 45 minutes of fun learning about God and His love for us in a child friendly and exciting way.  We sing, we hear stories, we dress up, we colour in, we make lots of fun things and sometimes we have a little treat to take home for us or share with others.

Who looks after you in Bubbles?

Bubbles Leaders

Bubbles has a team of up to four people who look after the children each Sunday morning.  The team members have prepared materials to use each week to help the children to learn about God in a fun way.  Each team member has a desire for children to get to know God even at this young age.  There is a ratio of team members to children that allows each child to learn and have fun in a safe environment.  A parent is welcome to stay with their child if they wish to help them settle in for a few weeks.

Where and when is Bubbles?

Bubbles is in the Choir room in the Church Halls every Sunday morning throughout the year with the exception of July and August.  The children leave church after the children’s address, which is around 11.30am, and go across to the choir room.  They are accompanied here with their parent/guardian and collected after church again by them.  Parents are welcome to come and see what happens in Bubbles!

For more information, please contact us:

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