Boys’ Brigade

Muckamore Boys’ Brigade was founded in 1981 and over the years it has seen many changes.  At the heart of the Boys’ Brigade at Muckamore lies three fundamental points which helps keep us all on the right track:

We have a vision that God will work through our Company to bring boys and young men to a personal relationship with Him.  This is at the centre of all we do.

We have a core of Officers and Helpers who are committed to giving our boys the best programme that we can, including experiences in areas of life that they would normally not have the chance to share in.  We also challenge the boys with the good news of Jesus, by what we learn in our Bible class and how we live out our own Christian lives.

We have a great bunch of boys with an enthusiasm for life, a commitment to our Company and a willingness to learn more about what it means to believe in and follow Jesus.

The BB meets every Thursday evening from September through to Easter each year.  BB nights are packed with fun and action-packed challenges.  We play all types of sport including football, basketball, volleyball, unihoc, Box work, and with some computer games thrown in for good measure.  We also provide a range of badge classes, Scripture lessons and every so often a little drill work.  All of these things make the Boys’ Brigade unique in what it can offer boys and young men.

We cater for boys and young men of all ages and backgrounds.  Check out the times below for when each section of the BB meets every Thursday night: 

Anchor Boys (5-8 year olds)6.30-7.45pm
Junior Section (9-11 year olds)6.30-7.45pm
Company Section (12-14 year olds)7.50-10.00pm
Senior Section (15-18 year olds)7.30-9.30pm

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