Bowling Club

Muckamore Presbyterian Church Indoor Bowling Club was formed around 1962-63.  It was started up for church members to come together during the winter months for a game of bowls and fellowship.  A few years after it was formed, the club joined with a small number of other local churches to form a league, to offer the members a way to meet up with other churches.  After all these  years the bowling club still offers church members and those in the community an opportunity to come together and enjoy a night out in the week to meet with members of the church and many others in the local community.

The club membership is around 26-30.  We play around 16 league games and a number of cup games, some of which are to help raise money for charities such as the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association, and the Children’s Hospice.

We have a number of members who joined us in the last few years and we also have some original members who were in the club from the mid-1960s.  Over the years great friendships have been formed.  During the last couple of years we have held a BBQ to start off the new season and to give people who have not played bowls an opportunity to have a go at playing a few games (under no pressure).  So if this is something that interests you, please feel free to come along and try it out.  We would love to see you.

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