Europe in Focus

‘EUROPE IN FOCUS’ A special evening focusing on some of the mission work of PCI’s personnel and partners in Spain, Portugal and Hungary on Friday

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Big Brekkie 2018

Muckamore is hosting another Big Brekkie in 2018 to celebrate and support Christian Aid Week. The event will be held in the Lawther School, 2 June, from

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Alastair McCord

Our family has been part of Muckamore Presbyterian Church for 6 years, where we have enjoyed making new friends and getting involved in the fellowship. We have two grown up children—Stuart, living at home, and Lindsey, married and living in Chicago with her husband Zach.

My wife Liz works in Antrim Library and enjoys reading, walking and attending the PW each month. I, myself work in Shorts and enjoy cycling. I go to the Sunday night Network bible study group and play indoor bowls for the church team. I am also a member of the church missionary committee and a volunteer youth worker for Antrim YMCA.

Muckamore is a great wee church. Everyone is very friendly and there is so much going on at the moment for all ages. It is a place where there are plenty of opportunities and encouragement to grow in your Christian faith. Do say hi to us if you get a chance, we would love to talk to you.

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